Sunday, January 26, 2014

Farewell My Darling

You left me on October 4, 2013 when you lost your battle with Pancreatic Cancer.

In all of life and living, we somehow found each other. It took a virtual world for it to happen, otherwise, my perfect soul mate would still be out there lost in your own world and me in mine.

It was a life changing meeting when me met at the Louis Concert. I was sitting in front of you and noticed your profile. It had a quote from a song I just couldn't remember who it was from.  The funny thing was you couldn't either. We talked in IM for a long time.  I didn't notice that you had left the concert. Good thing too, I wouldn't have kept talking with you.  You were not in a good place, I later found out. Yet, you were as captivated by me as i was of you. We were inseparable from that moment on.

We learned so much of each other in time. You were my rock when I was  struggling. I was yours. We laughed, and cried and loved without abandoned. Why not, we found each other.

We would always say that I loved you more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow. Oh, how true that was. The depth of the love we shared was like nothing we ever knew existed. We would say:" that we never would say never on our meeting."  Even though, we knew it was probably unlikely.

Now, you are gone and I am still here, left behind with my sorrow and emptiness. When was it when I was not just me anymore and you were my WE. I truly am the spouse left behind. The Widower. Yet you would want me to be happy and fought long and hard for just that. The choice of your cloths for the day, your behavior and actions were all for me. You maintained our home (Sailors Cove)  for us. How does one show appreciation for all of this?  All I could do was to love you more.

Good bye my love, Sleep well without pain and suffering. You loved God and now you have seen him. I long for the time I see you again. Perhaps in that next life we talked about?

Loosing you and having to sell the estate has been harder than I could imagine. You needed it to be done. I didn't hesitate and saw it through. All of this while you were slipping away from me. You dropped me little hints from time to time and I just didn't see it. It hurt you deeply, hurting me this way. You had to go through things I just couldn't imagine and couldn't do anything to help. How I wanted to hold you through this. Kiss your brow. Calm your fears. Yet it was you doing that for me.

Good Bye my Fanci. I will miss you every single day of my life.

Your Patrick

Friday, June 10, 2011


FIYC and Sailors Cove
Would like to invite you to a weekend of Great Music and Pure Fun!!!


FRIDAY JUNE 17th ~~ 5pm - 10pm slt
SATURDAY JUNE 18th ~~ 10am - 10pm slt
Sunday June 19th ~~ 10 am - 5pm slt

FIYC on Clipper Bay in Sailors Cove

The list of artists is amazing~

5:00 pm to 6:00 pm - LaidBack Celt
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm - Blane Sonnenkern
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm - Stella Silvansky
8:00 pm to 9:00 pm - Paisley Beebe
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm - Strummer Vultee

SATURDAY June 18th
10:00 am to 11:00 am - TerryLynn Melody
11:00 am to 12:00 pm - TBA
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm - Joaquin Gustav
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm - NormReynolds Genesis
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm - Mamaa Saiz
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm - Whirl And Bart
4:00 pm to 5:00 pm - Quinton Whitman
5:00 pm to 6:00 pm - OhMy Kidd
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm - Ichie Kamachi
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm - Sassy Nightley
8:00 pm to 9:00 pm - Niles Compton
9:00 pm - 10:00 pm - TBA

10:00 am to 11:00 am - Shannon Oherlihy
11:00 am to 12:00 pm - Trowzer Boa
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm - Franck Molko
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm - Spirited Emor
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm - Washedup Sideways
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm - Spike Luckstone
4:00 pm to 5:00 pm - Savannah Coronet


Please join us in this great event to help raise funds for Relay for Life!!!
Bring your friends!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

FIYC Cruise for the Cure!!!

Fishers Island Yacht Club
1st Annual
Cruise for the Cure
Sunday May 15th 2pm slt.

Cancer has touched all of us Im sure in one way or another. Earlier year FIYC lost a dear friend after a valiant 18 month journey to over come this terrible disease, our first Commodore, Epicurus Emmons.
We wish to continue to honor Epi by continuing to fight to help to find a cure by doing what he loved.. Sailing.

EVERYONE WELCOME!!! .. sailors and non sailors alike so ....Captains if possible would you please bring boats that will take Passengers

This will be a long distance cruise set by Kentrock Messmer in your choice of boat.
After the Race there will be a Benefit Dance with Quirky Torok spinning the

No boat? Don’t sail? .. Noooo Problem! Join us anyway. Come along for a ride! No fear all of our wonderful Captains are completely certifiable.. hehehe. Life Jackets provided.

Prizes…Surprises… freebies…an over all great event for a great cause!!!

**** HUGE Participant gift bag including a Juli Gothly JG-44 Sail Boat among other goodies!!!****

We ask that you make a minimum 250L Donation to register and participate – Each Captain and crew member/passenger must register.
Your entry donation will go directly to Relay for Life.
Simply go to the Relay For Life Donation Kiosk at either FIYC or Sailors Rest and make your minimum 250L donation
*** NOTE - You must use kiosks in listed below so that we can properly list participants…..

Kiosk slurls…
FIYC Clubhouse -

Sailors Rest FIYC Annex -

- Once you have made your donation…contact Fanci Beebe or Kentrock Messmer IM or note to say that you have made your donation to be listed as entered.
Looking forward to seeing you all Sunday!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Fair Winds to a Great Sailor

Sunday the family, friends and Sailing Community joined in a Memorial to Celebrate the life of Epicurus Emmons.
The following is a transcript of the entire Service. Thank you to Nita Charron who graciously provided us with it.

[14:03] Allie Tomsen: Good choice of music
[14:03] KIMBO (yevgeny.varthader): Good choice
[14:04] Indigo Mertel: ah, David Gray...
[14:06] Now playing: Compilation - Walton: Touch Her Soft Lips and Part
[14:06] Béa (bea.woodget): Hi Jane
[14:07] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): I'm not hearing the music...has it stopped?
[14:07] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): hmmmmm
[14:07] Béa (bea.woodget): Hi Mothgirl! :)
[14:07] -Q- (quirky.torok): should be there
[14:07] Nber Medici: no pippa it is on
[14:07] Liv Leigh: hi moth
[14:07] Charlz Price: its playing
[14:07] Sanstrom Laxness: I can hear it
[14:07] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): am i sitting on anyone's lap?
[14:07] Kentrock Messmer: Hi Moth!
[14:07] Chad Sawson: Whew, back... lol
[14:07] jeremia Spotter: no Pippa , music is running, mayve you have to click once more
[14:07] Now playing: Josh Groban - you raise me up
[14:08] Chad Sawson: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please.
[14:08] Chad Sawson: Thank you for joining us today to remember and celebrate our good friend Epicurus Emmons who passed away on March 10th of this year.
[14:08] Chad Sawson: I have been asked to guide the memorial today and it was my honor to accept this responsibility.
[14:08] Chad Sawson: We have several speakers who will reflect on their memories of and provide tribute to our fellow sailor Epi.
[14:09] Chad Sawson: Looks like we are having some SL issues today but we will get started
[14:09] Chad Sawson: Let me first start out by reading a part of Epi's profile...
[14:09] Chad Sawson: "I am a fan of the philosopher Epicurus."
[14:09] Chad Sawson: "2300 years ago he told us that by nature, pleasure is good and pain is bad."
[14:10] Chad Sawson: "And that the ultimate pleasure is peace of mind."
[14:10] Chad Sawson: "This and friendship is what we need to be happy. Its that simple really :)"
[14:10] Chad Sawson: Anyone that knew Epi saw the reflection of the philosopher's guidance whenever they were around him.
[14:10] Chad Sawson: After his lengthy RL battle with Glioblastoma, a brain tumor, we know that, after his passing, the ultimate pleasure was bestowed upon him... "Peace Of Mind".
[14:10] Chad Sawson: We are gathered here today to prove he fulfilled the second wish he had and that is... "Friendship"
[14:10] Chad Sawson: I ask now that we have a minute of silence to reflect on the joy and laughter he brought to Second Life and the sailing community...
[14:12] Drill Commander shouts: Attention!
[14:12] Chad Sawson: Thank you everyone.
[14:12] Drill Commander shouts: Order Arms!
[14:12] Drill Commander shouts: Right Face!
[14:12] Drill Commander shouts: Ready!
[14:12] Drill Commander shouts: Aim!
[14:12] Drill Commander shouts: Fire!
[14:12] Drill Commander shouts: Ready!
[14:12] Drill Commander shouts: Aim!
[14:12] Drill Commander shouts: Fire!
[14:12] Now playing: Compilation - Chopin / Etude in E major Opus 10 No. 3 "Tristesse"
[14:12] Drill Commander shouts: Ready!
[14:12] Drill Commander shouts: Aim!
[14:12] Drill Commander shouts: Fire!
[14:12] Drill Commander shouts: Order Arms!
[14:12] Drill Commander shouts: Left Face
[14:13] Drill Commander shouts: Present Arms!
[14:13] Chad Sawson shouts: Thank you SL Coast Guard for that salute! :-)
[14:13] Chad Sawson: First, we have some of Epi's friends that would like to say a few words.
[14:13] Chad Sawson: I will introduce them one at a time and ask that when they are finished, that they turn the podium back to me for the next introduction.
[14:13] Chad Sawson: Our first speaker today is the co-owner of Sailors Cove Estates where Epi & Pippa made their home. Please welcome Ms. Fanci Beebe.
[14:13] Chad Sawson: Thank you Fanci! :-)
[14:14] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): In a world such as Second Life all of the day to day trappings of the real world are peeled away. I have long believed that you get to know the real person, the person inside much more quickly than you would in the “real” world.
[14:14] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): The person I came to know as Epicurus Emmons or Epi was truly exceptional. He was so many things to so many people he was, friend, avid sailor, mentor, work colleague, champion of causes, a brother figure, of course wonderful husband and mate to Pippa and well just overall great person.
[14:15] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): He was the kind of person who would stand beside you in your darkest hour and believe in you… telling you the whole time, “it will be fine you’ll see”. I’m sure there are many that could attest to that.
[14:15] Drill Commander shouts: Parade Rest!
[14:15] Drill Commander shouts: Dismissed
[14:15] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): I am positive that you would be hard pressed to find anyone who met him that didn’t like Epi. He was just that way. Over the vast internet he touched many many lives in many many places.
[14:16] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): He was so instrumental in building our Fishers Island Yacht Club. As our first acting Commodore, he literally dreamt and built it from the ground up with Patrick and me.
He loved sailing in second life. FIYC became something to shape and work into the bigger scheme of the Second Life sailing community and he gave it his all.
[14:16] Now playing: Nina Simone - If You Knew/Let It Be Me
[14:16] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): We worked together closely even to envisioning the place the club now stands on. He was so proud of what was happening here. We where all so proud to have such a sailor as our Commodore.
[14:16] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): He was funny, kind, giving, caring, serious, dedicated, loyal and could have a wicked sense of humor. He could be wonderfully silly those occasions silly on those occasions that warranted a bit of silliness. I’m smiling as I say these things at memories of dances and parties and just sitting around in groups.
[14:17] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): When I met Pippa, I was very touched by the warmth in her and once I knew she was unattached, couldn’t wait to introduce them. It was the most natural thing in the world to me to bring these two very special people together.
[14:17] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): It may not have gone anywhere, but to be honest, to me they seemed so well suited. And so it began. Subtle hints and yes some not so subtle to each about the other. Little nudges like, why don’t you see if he/she could help with this or that to do with the Yacht Club.
[14:17] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): I have to tell you here, I am so proud to have had the opportunity to be in the time and place to be able to give little pushes.. grins. You hear of matches made in heaven, how often do we ever get to see one that I truly believe was.
[14:18] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): To say he will be missed is an understatement, he will be. He has left so much of himself with us we can take comfort in those things.
[14:18] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): I envision him now, in a boat, perhaps his Trudeau One, a favorite of his, sailing in calm waters into one of those overpoweringly lovely Second Life sunsets in search of a shore to wait for us on. I know we will see him again.
[14:18] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): To the sailor I wish Fair Winds and calm waters.
[14:19] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): To the man I loved like a distant brother I’m only going to say what I always did, ttfn (ta ta for now) till we meet again
[14:19] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): Chad.....
[14:19] Chad Sawson: Thank you Fanci! :-)
[14:19] Chad Sawson: Our next speaker is Ms. Nber Medici, an icon in the SL Sailing community and a great friend of Epi's. Nber the podium is yours.
[14:20] Nber Medici: I'd like to thank Fanci for giving me the opportunity to speak.
[14:20] Nber Medici: MarkTwain White wanted to be here today and cannot.
[14:20] Nber Medici: He asked me to give all of you his deepest regrets, especially Pippa.
[14:20] Nber Medici: I became friends with Epi in November of 2007.
[14:20] Nber Medici: I remember the first time that I had a chance to talk with Epi.
[14:21] Nber Medici: I am a dedicated profile reader ....
[14:21] Nber Medici: and was astonished to find someone who named themselves after an ancient Greek philosopher.....
[14:21] Chad Sawson: :-)
[14:21] Nber Medici: AND to then to find out that they did it because they had read his works and be0lieved in his philosophy.
[14:21] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): :)
[14:21] Nber Medici: It quickly became clear to me that there were two attributes of Epi that stood out to me more than anything.
[14:21] Now playing: Ben Folds - Golden Slumbers
[14:21] Nber Medici: One was his intellect. Epi was a deep thinker. He wasn't just smart, he thought deeply about things.
[14:22] Nber Medici: MANY people are smart. Many of them do not think deeply about things.
[14:22] Nber Medici: The second attribute of Epi that stood out to me was the fact that he was a true gentleman.
[14:22] Nber Medici: He treated people with respect, and he expected to be treated with respect in return.
[14:22] Nber Medici: When I learned that Epi had been diagnosed with cancer, it was as if a ton of bricks had dropped on me.
[14:22] Nber Medici: I remember thinking... why is it the GOOD ones?
[14:23] Nber Medici: I remember when he spoke in the summer of 2010 at the Sail for Life weekend to the gathered crowd at Blake Sea - Haggerty.
[14:23] Now playing: Goo Goo Dolls - Name
[14:23] Nber Medici: He was so positive in his outlook and his love for Pippa was so clear.
[14:23] Nber Medici: Epi, I miss you.
[14:23] Nber Medici: I'm not sure how many of you are aware that Epi was a guest commentator once on Sail On.
[14:23] Nber Medici: It was a Skutsje race on June 1st, 2008 and he not only sailed, but also did color commentary.
[14:24] Nber Medici: It was a Skutsje race on June 1st, 2008 and he not only sailed, but also did color commentary.
[14:24] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): mhm, yeah
[14:24] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): He would say thanks to the power of his Mac!
[14:24] Chad Sawson: lol
[14:24] Nber Medici: I have rezzed a box that has a notecard in it with a link to the show. Touch the box for the notecard.
[14:24] Nber Medici: When you watch it... think of Epi... and remember his love of sailing.
[14:24] Nber Medici: Goodbye Epi.......
until we meet again.
Fair winds and following seas
[14:24] Epi's URL owned by Nber Medici gave you 'Epi's URL' ( ).
[14:25] Epi's URL owned by Nber Medici gave you 'Epi's URL' ( ).
[14:25] Chad Sawson: Wonderful Nber, thank you!
[14:25] Chad Sawson: Our next speaker is Ms. Jane Fossett... Jane the floor is yours
[14:26] Jane Fossett: hiya
[14:26] Clay Ellison: /:)
[14:26] Jane Fossett: I first met Epi early in 2007; he was having a great time cruising the waters around the old Nantucket sim, but he decided he wanted to try racing.
"Big Boat" racing was just starting up t
[14:26] Jane Fossett: "Big Boat" racing was just starting up then, and Epi jumped in with both feet. He got a Blue Water Schooner, and by April he started his own GMT-friendly weekly race series. A month later he bumped over to Sailors Cove, where he continued Big-Boats, but then quickly expanded his interest into pretty much anything that floats!
[14:27] Surfwidow Beaumont: :)
[14:27] Jane Fossett: Epi was in the original ACA32 finalist group, and then made a strong showing in the Tako Cup that followed.
[14:27] Jane Fossett: As Nber just mentioned, he then fell in love with Skutsje!!
[14:27] Now playing: Michelle Branch - Goodbye to You
[14:27] Jane Fossett: In the summer of 2007 he left Sailors Cove and moved back to NYC, but it actually made little difference to him. He loved all the sailing groups, and always worked to build bridges between communities.
[14:28] Jane Fossett: My favorite memory of Epi racing has to be the Mowry Sprints in March 2008; Epi and Fanci teamed up together and won their division with a pretty amazing pyrotechnic display of Tako skills. :-)
[14:28] Roan Blackburn whispers: I remember that!
[14:28] Chad Sawson: :-)
[14:28] Jane Fossett: Wow they did it with humor and style!
[14:28] Jane Fossett: A month later on April 17 2008, Patrick Leavitt named Epi Commodore of the new Fishers Island Yacht Club. As they say, the rest was history. :-)
[14:29] Francois Jacques: :)
[14:29] Jane Fossett: Epi was a commodore supreme!
[14:29] Jane Fossett: in fact...
[14:29] Jane Fossett: Epi was the true embodiment of a great person and wonderful sailor. His thoughts were always for his fellow sailors and community, and he constantly looked for ways to join us all together, with a smile, a wink, and a song.
[14:30] Jane Fossett: I often joked with him... that he was far too nice a person to make a great sailboat racer. :-)
[14:30] Chad Sawson: lol
[14:31] Jane Fossett: Well, I was wrong.
[14:31] Now playing: 01 Missing You - Goodbye to You
[14:31] Jane Fossett: Fair winds, Commodore Epi, you taught us all much.
[14:31] Surfwidow Beaumont: he wasn't nice you mean ;)
[14:31] Chad Sawson: hahahaha competative!
[14:31] Jane Fossett: And Epi? We will never forget....
As inscribed below your name at Fastnet...
"I liontaib Dé go ghcastar simm."
[14:32] BeeJee Boucher: lol
[14:32] Francois Jacques: lol
[14:32] Jane Fossett: Thank you all for being his good friends....
[14:32] Chad Sawson: :-)
[14:32] Jane Fossett: chad, over to you
[14:32] Surfwidow Beaumont: XXX
[14:32] Chad Sawson: Thank you Jane!
[14:32] Chad Sawson: Beejee Boucher is next to reflect. Beejee, your podium...
[14:33] Nber Medici: If you can see over it ㋡
[14:33] Surfwidow Beaumont: :-)
[14:33] You cannot currently invite anyone to your location because the region is full. Try again later.
[14:33] Nber Medici: LOL
[14:33] Liv Leigh: beeje can t be overlooked :D
[14:33] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): someone got a box for Beej?
[14:33] Aislin Keynes: :-)
[14:33] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): * tee-hee *
[14:33] Clay Ellison: lol
[14:33] Chad Sawson: making appropriate adjustments
[14:33] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): this music is from the funeral after I spoke
[14:33] Chad Sawson: awwwww
[14:33] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): Missing You
[14:34] BeeJee Boucher: lol fixed it
[14:34] BeeJee Boucher: 1st a few words to Pippa
[14:34] RoDen Kilian: :-)
[14:34] BeeJee Boucher: Im so sorry for your loss and i hope this memorial will help you find some comfort in knowing Epi was loved by so many.
[14:34] Now playing: 028 Eric Clapton - Tears in heaven
[14:34] BeeJee Boucher: I have been thinking hard and long what too say
[14:34] BeeJee Boucher: many memories past by but i can't order them
[14:35] BeeJee Boucher: They jumble up as feelings, impressions, sense of...
[14:35] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): I know the feeling BJ
[14:35] BeeJee Boucher: ...hee dude where are you.
[14:35] BeeJee Boucher: Epi has gone sailing, never to return.
[14:35] BeeJee Boucher: Accept in the hearts of those who miss him.
[14:35] BeeJee Boucher: My most powerful memories are from those happy carefree
moments we spent in our SL baby years
[14:35] BeeJee Boucher: Exploring, figuring out how to sail and most important making everlasting
[14:36] BeeJee Boucher: Epi, me and our oldest friends often referred to ourselves as the old Sailors Cove gang, as we played around here when it was just 6 sims big.
[14:36] BeeJee Boucher: We talked about serious things, we cooked up crazy plans
[14:36] BeeJee Boucher: and sometimes we made them happen
[14:36] BeeJee Boucher: One day i found a skutsje for sale and i asked Epi to come and check it out.
[14:37] BeeJee Boucher: And many of you know what followed after that, for a while SL sailing was skutsje crazy.
[14:37] BeeJee Boucher: We even made it to SLTV
[14:37] Aislin Keynes: :-)
[14:37] BeeJee Boucher: Thats just one memory, one memory of many.
[14:37] BeeJee Boucher: Some i cant discuss here cuz they are too naughty.
[14:37] Chad Sawson: lol
[14:37] BeeJee Boucher: That was Epi too, sometimes he even made me blush...and wanting too look elsewhere.
[14:37] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): tsk
[14:37] BeeJee Boucher: i remember Sweet ;)
[14:38] Now playing: 1 - 10 I Go to Sleep
[14:38] BeeJee Boucher: And still those are the moments you realize that behind every silly avatar there is a very real person.
[14:38] BeeJee Boucher: And yes biggies look silly to me.
[14:38] Chad Sawson: lol
[14:38] BeeJee Boucher: I have one confession to make.
[14:38] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): ;)
[14:38] Jane Fossett: grin
[14:38] BeeJee Boucher: When Epi wrote his book we often talked about it in depth,
[14:38] BeeJee Boucher: but till this day i haven't read it.
[14:39] Nber Medici: LOL
[14:39] BeeJee Boucher: I am not a big reader but I know what it's about
[14:39] BeeJee Boucher: And although Epi told me he wasn't religious like the real Epicurus,
[14:39] BeeJee Boucher: as he writes in his book
[14:39] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): it's not about sailing, unfortunately
[14:39] joepie Korobase: :)
[14:39] BeeJee Boucher: it somehow comforts me to think
[14:39] BeeJee Boucher: that he now is sailing his skutsje in the sky with another very dear skutsje loving friend we lost last december.
[14:40] BeeJee Boucher: Del, Epi have fun. Just wait until we catch up...and we will
[14:40] BeeJee Boucher: i wanna close with the words from a shantysong called A Sailors Farewell Hymn, writer unknown.
[14:40] BeeJee Boucher: It's our time to go now,
Haul away your anchor,
It's our sailing time.
[14:40] BeeJee Boucher: Get some sail upon her,
Haul away your halyards,
It's our sailing time.
[14:40] BeeJee Boucher: Get her on her course now,
Haul away your fore sheet,
It's our sailing time.
[14:40] BeeJee Boucher: Waves are rolling under,
Haul away down Channel,
On the evening tide.
[14:40] Now playing: 06. Kansas - Dust In the Wind
[14:41] BeeJee Boucher: When my days are over,
Haul away for heaven,
God be by my side.
[14:41] BeeJee Boucher: It's our time to go now,
Haul away your anchor,
It's our sailing time.
[14:41] BeeJee Boucher: .
[14:41] BeeJee Boucher: bye Epi
[14:41] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): sigh...thank you BJ
[14:41] Nber Medici: nice ㋡
[14:41] BeeJee Boucher: chad
[14:41] Roan Blackburn needs a hankie
[14:41] Chad Sawson: Thank you Beejee!
[14:41] Surfwidow Beaumont: :*')
[14:42] Chad Sawson: Another long time SL Sailing community member Ms. Surfwidow Beaumont is next. Surfy? :-)
[14:42] RoDen Kilian: :-)
[14:42] Surfwidow Beaumont: If I crash I'll be back as the terminator said. So bear with me ;)
[14:42] Chad Sawson: lol
[14:43] Surfwidow Beaumont: Wow this is difficult, when I made his remembrance video i must have broke down in ?
tears a number of times.
[14:43] Surfwidow Beaumont: So here we go - deep breath!
[14:43] Surfwidow Beaumont: There are many words that we could use to describe epi and the fun he shared with ?
us all - most of which are too rude to say here ;) but one that sums him up ?
succinctly would be
[14:43] Surfwidow Beaumont: Charismatic
[14:43] Chad Sawson: bravo
[14:44] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): good grief and I thought he was a prude [from what HE said]
[14:44] Surfwidow Beaumont: That word is bandied about often in television and for heads of state, but on a ?
more local level I think epi embodied that perfectly.
[14:44] Now playing: Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You
[14:44] BeeJee Boucher: :)
[14:44] Surfwidow Beaumont: The dictionary states it thus
a. A rare personal quality attributed to leaders who arouse fervent popular ?
devotion and enthusiasm.
b. Personal magnetism or charm
[14:44] Surfwidow Beaumont: I am sure you will agree he fits the bill well.
[14:45] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): a + b
[14:45] Surfwidow Beaumont: Lets just look at a. for a moment

[14:45] Surfwidow Beaumont: It was almost as if Secondlife was created for him. Wherever he went people just ?
approached him and wanted to listen to what he had to say.
[14:45] Surfwidow Beaumont: It may well have been his expertise in philosophy and his ability to deliver ?
messages in a non patronising way people liked.
[14:45] Surfwidow Beaumont: He had time for people, as his all too short life shows, if we had a moment of his ?
time that was a minute from his life we had, and for that we should be eternally ?
[14:45] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): that's his HR training
[14:46] Surfwidow Beaumont: ,
[14:47] Surfwidow Beaumont: For some we took hours of it, hours he gave freely for very little benefit to ?
himself. Hovering over many a raceline organising events and overseeing races, ?
truly a very giving person.
[14:47] Jane Fossett: HR= Hollywood Racing?
[14:47] Chad Sawson: :-)
[14:47] Surfwidow Beaumont: sorry bit laggy
[14:48] Surfwidow Beaumont: For this he was rewarded with the second part of a) above

[14:48] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): Ha no Jane...Human Resource
[14:48] Surfwidow Beaumont: He had devoted friends and apart from the obvious Pippa and Fanci and other's, i am ?
proud to have been one of them and of course Beejee Boucher too - you all know who ?
you are and the list would swamp this eulogy if said.
[14:48] Now playing: Marvin Gaye - Yesterday
[14:49] Chad Sawson: agreed
[14:49] Surfwidow Beaumont: He also had devotion from Sim owners who knew and trusted him with their ?
reputations. Boat designers and creators who trusted his feedback when developing ?
new boats and beta testing them. He bought my first ever product a air horn - he ?
was just a nice guy who wanted to keep people enthused,
[14:49] Surfwidow Beaumont: If epi needed help or support we would all come running. If he needed anything ?
created to assit him further we all came to his aid.
[14:49] Xi Larnia: sheet 10
[14:49] Xi Larnia: sheet -1
[14:49] Surfwidow Beaumont: I doubt i would have stayed ?
were it not for him - So I owe him a lot in that sense. I was always ready to come ?
to his aid and help him in anyway i can and this applies till this day - ever ?
[14:49] Surfwidow Beaumont: He helped me with my Dutch Barge - I had no clue without him hovering there at ?
Boogdolt telling me off :'*) - laughing, "the sculpti sides look like sausages! ?
Make them thinner!" he'd say!" After a day of trying, "hmmm that'll have to do i ?
suppose." ;) I just wanted to please him too :). I have fond memories of helping ?
him with the sailing lecture images sitting in his tako snapping away, happy days ?
and times.
[14:50] Surfwidow Beaumont: Enthusiasm

This is a very obvious, there are so many photos of him teaching people how to sail ?
and them getting out on the water as a result.
[14:50] Surfwidow Beaumont: Keeping the momentum and enthusiasm going is not easy, We have all seen some apathy ?
in the sailing community from time to time, "Where have all the flowers gone?" Well ?
epi is a whole garden thats disappeared now, and thats a space i doubt will be ?
filled easily if at all! As they say we don't often mis something we take for ?
granted until it's gone - and boy do I miss him now.
[14:50] Renault Cluny: is chair next to you empty?
[14:50] Surfwidow Beaumont: So we should appreciate these people more when they are here. Looking around I can ?
see many who go unnappreciated and deserve more suport and respect. Let that be one ?
of epi's legacies eh?
[14:50] Surfwidow Beaumont: Personal magnetism or Charm

Well Epi had many friends and many girls had a crush on him. But of course Pippa ?
was clearly the soul mate who he knew was 'Mrs Right' and we all remember fondly ?
the in-world wedding, whilst he was no doubt struggling to cope with, Pippa helping ?
him along the way.
[14:51] Surfwidow Beaumont: Thank you for allowing us to be part of that Pippa it was my pleasure to create ?
that lasting memory for us all to see, of course later you can still watch that ?
wonderful wedding in full here but like any magnet - it ?
needs a reverse polarity to stick and Pippa was that person.
[14:51] Surfwidow Beaumont: His Charm of course will remain with us and is his lasting memory for me ?
[14:51] Surfwidow Beaumont: I think he'd be moved by the people turning out here today for him. But i am also ?
pretty sure he'd want us to carry on and enjoy sailing and keep the pressure on for ?
more investment in sailing, more time given by others to help and above all enjoy ?
it as he did.
[14:51] Chad Sawson: :-) absolutely
[14:51] Surfwidow Beaumont: Perhaps a Regular Epicurus Emmons Memorial Trophy event? I'd happily put up some ?
prizes :)
[14:52] Now playing: Eva Cassidy - Fields Of Gold
[14:52] Surfwidow Beaumont: Ill leave you with two final things

1. If you never knew epi I think this will help you understand just what he meant ?
to us and to Second Life leave you with two final things

1. If you never knew epi I think this will help you understand just what he meant ?
to us and to Second Life
[14:52] Surfwidow Beaumont: 2. I'd like to thank you all for buying the Remembrance Flowers. I will pass it ?
across to Pippa as a small token towards his Floral tributes in Real Life once all ?
the dispensers have been returned. I'd also like to thank those YC Commodores, sim ?
owners and friends of Epi for hosting them. If you do not as yet have a flower ?
there are more for sale over there by the memorial boat only 25L.
[14:52] Surfwidow Beaumont: What those flowers show is no matter what few lindens people had Epi mattered to ?
them, they bought them, and they wore them with pride, a lasting inventory reminder ?
of his name that a couple hundred people will happen across from time to time and ?
go, "Oh yeah Epicurus Emmons!" I remember him x

And don't you forget it either ;*')
[14:53] Chad Sawson: :-)
[14:53] Surfwidow Beaumont: This is a sad time but it is also a celebration of his life and what he meant to ?
[14:53] Surfwidow Beaumont: I think it is fitting we all cheer and applaud him now.

This is for you Epi

(Cheers and applause)

[14:53] Surfwidow Beaumont: Bravo! -- Cheers! - Applause!
[14:53] Nber Medici: YAy ㋡
[14:53] joepie Korobase: woooot
[14:53] Surfwidow Beaumont: WOOOOOT!!!
[14:53] RoDen Kilian: Applause
[14:53] Liv Leigh: Applause!!
[14:53] Charlz Price: WOOOOOT!!!!
[14:53] Surfwidow Beaumont: Thank you for listening and thank you for being our friend Epi.

I hope you can hear us. And we all get to sail together again some day! :)

And to Pippa we are all here for you during this most difficult time. Be strong my ?
dear Xxx

[14:53] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): WOOOOOT!!!
[14:53] Surfwidow Beaumont: XXx
[14:53] Kentrock Messmer: Woooots!
[14:54] Surfwidow Beaumont: Xxx
[14:54] Chad Sawson: Applause!!
[14:54] Surfwidow Beaumont: XXx
[14:54] Chad Sawson APPLAUDS!!!
[14:54] Surfwidow Beaumont: XXx
[14:54] Jane Fossett: WOOOOOT!!!!
[14:54] Silber Sands: WHOOOOOT!!
[14:54] Francois Jacques shouts: woor
[14:54] David Wetherby: Woots
[14:54] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): and of course we're suning Surfy's woots
[14:54] Roan Blackburn: Surf!
[14:54] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): using*
[14:54] KIMBO (yevgeny.varthader): W W
[14:54] KIMBO (yevgeny.varthader): O O
[14:54] KIMBO (yevgeny.varthader): O O
[14:54] KIMBO (yevgeny.varthader): T T
[14:54] KIMBO (yevgeny.varthader): /woot
[14:54] Chad Sawson: Thank you Surfwidow... :-)
[14:54] Chad Sawson: One of Epi's redheaded buddies is next, Ms. Liv Leigh. Liv, you have the podium...
[14:54] Liv Leigh: thank you chad :)
[14:55] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): that's no rd, that's oranje
[14:55] Liv Leigh: I was asked to say a few words today.. I wanted, but didn't know what to say really
[14:55] Liv Leigh: I know.. Orca
[14:55] Liv Leigh: So, I am just going to add a little personal note
[14:56] Liv Leigh: And maybe some of you can smile at it
[14:56] BeeJee Boucher: :)
[14:56] Liv Leigh: Some time last year Epi offered to send me a copy of his book
[14:56] Liv Leigh: on the pre-socratian philosopher Epicurus
[14:56] Now playing: Bette Midler - Wind Beneath My Wings
[14:56] Liv Leigh: I have it here next to my laptop now.. I will try to pressurize BeeJee into a debate about it ?
sometime very soon ;)
[14:56] Chad Sawson: :-)
[14:56] BeeJee Boucher: hides
[14:56] Nber Medici: good luck
[14:56] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): lol.
[14:57] Nber Medici: ㋡
[14:57] Liv Leigh: It is in Dutch, so he will have a hard time refusing
[14:57] BeeJee Boucher: true
[14:57] Liv Leigh: I always had the idea, that at some point I would be able to discuss his work with him
[14:57] Liv Leigh: With Epi, that is..
[14:57] Liv Leigh: Talk about some things in SL and get to know someone a little better who in RL lived only about ?
50-70 kms away
[14:57] Liv Leigh: This is how small SL can be
[14:58] BeeJee Boucher: i lived like 10Km even smaller
[14:58] Liv Leigh: Sometimes we are closer than we think
[14:58] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): no, that's how small NL is
[14:58] joepie Korobase: lol
[14:58] Indigo Mertel: Indigo Mertel laughs
[14:58] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): * tee-hee *
[14:58] Liv Leigh: When I heard of his death.. I knew I had to face the fact that this would never be possible ?
anymore. It made me sad
[14:58] j3z Jacobus (j3rry.paine): it's not the size of the ship that makes the waves
[14:58] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): I don't know, his mother was only 30 minutes down the road but I only managed to drive it once!
[14:58] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): ;)
[14:59] Béa (bea.woodget): hopefully you are not fro mLuxembourg
[14:59] Liv Leigh: I had to read his work on my own from now on
[14:59] Liv Leigh: Someone I knew for over 3 years in SL and who I had never seen had left..
[15:00] Liv Leigh: Many of you would consider me an 'old bat', but really...
[15:00] Roan Blackburn whispers: not me
[15:00] Liv Leigh: Epi was here before I was. And he made an impression.
[15:00] Liv Leigh: Epi was around in the sailing community before I was, and as such, for me, he was always an ?
integral part of it.
[15:01] Liv Leigh: I didn't know him too well for quite some time, but I knew he was Dutch, like me, and he had ?
been involved in Tradewinds Yacht Club before I joined it.
[15:01] Now playing: R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts (1993)
[15:01] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): I have the english translation Liv so you can always discuss it with me some time....lag
[15:01] Liv Leigh: That is good to know Pippa :)
[15:01] Liv Leigh: I remember how he introduced the Dutch barge races to SL, it must have been some time in 2008
[15:02] Liv Leigh: I will ask you all to pronounce that one Frisian word..
[15:02] Liv Leigh: 'skutsjesilen'
[15:02] BeeJee Boucher: hehe
[15:02] BeeJee Boucher: np
[15:02] Silber Sands: ;)
[15:02] Jane Fossett: good luck with that
[15:02] Chad Sawson: lol
[15:02] Roan Blackburn: skooter!
[15:02] Liv Leigh: And watch Sail On ;)
[15:02] Allie Tomsen: skootcha
[15:02] Liv Leigh: I guess American commentators will never learn how to pronounce a Frisian word like ?
'Skutsjesilen' properly, but hey.. who can blame Epi for that? He tried hard to teach them.
[15:02] Indigo Mertel: vespa?
[15:02] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): so muc h of dutch is english with an accent ;))
[15:02] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): scootz-ya-sailen
[15:03] Chad Sawson: lol
[15:03] Liv Leigh: Epi introduced relay races with the barges, which brought us lots of fun too. I think quite ?
some of us will remember that.
[15:03] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): oh yes
[15:03] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): we should have an Epi fun day...sounds like I missed a lot
[15:04] Liv Leigh: Eventually, Delinda and then the Texans and Malaysians ran away with a traditional Frisian sport, but that is SL too ;)
[15:04] Chad Sawson: hahahahaha
[15:04] Liv Leigh: But no one ever learnt to pronounce that one word correctly. ;)
[15:04] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): not just SL unfortunately Liv!
[15:04] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): ;)
[15:04] Liv Leigh: 'Skutsjesilen'
[15:04] Liv Leigh: There was some success for the American delegation at last, when our friend Delinda, who died ?
last fall, became the 'Skutsje Queen' for a while.
[15:05] Liv Leigh: Her passing reminded me of the possibility of Epi's death, the possibility that some things ?
that could have been possible in the future, were maybe impossible now.
[15:06] Liv Leigh: I felt bad about that for a while,
[15:06] Liv Leigh: but I also realised that Epi has given us a lot over the ?
years we got to enjoy his company in the community.
[15:06] Now playing: The Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
[15:06] BeeJee Boucher: yesh
[15:06] Liv Leigh: It gave me the idea that we could say ?
goodbye to him and feel good, because of what he has meant for us.
[15:06] Liv Leigh: My friend Pippa Rexen, the brave girl who became his partner and his wife, and who I had met ?
when she was still doing events at Mowry, strenghtened that feeling.
[15:07] Liv Leigh: When I am here, tonight at this memorial, I know that there is more than just a loss.
[15:07] Liv Leigh: I know that we are here and we were his friends
[15:07] Liv Leigh: I know that I have his written words here that I can read
[15:07] Liv Leigh: I know that we will remember him and go on to work on this community in his spirit
[15:08] Liv Leigh: Thank you, Epi
[15:08] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): awww thank YOU Liv x
[15:08] BeeJee Boucher: :)
[15:08] Chad Sawson: :-)
[15:08] BeeJee Boucher: holland rules
[15:09] Chad Sawson: Thanks Liv... :-)
[15:09] Chad Sawson: The voice of SL Sailing is next. Mr. Quirky Torok, it's your turn... :-)
[15:09] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): I miss my daily dose of Dutch... bedankt
[15:09] BeeJee Boucher: :)
[15:09] -Q- (quirky.torok): I'm afraid I am going to have to do this via voice on the music stream as SL ate my notes, there maybe 30 seconds delay. Not long enough for a bio break :)
[15:09] Liv Leigh: :)
[15:09] Chad Sawson: hahahahaha
[15:10] Chad Sawson: go for it buddy'
[15:10] Now playing: Various - Beethoven / Piano Sonata No 14 in C# Minor 'Moonlight' - 1st Movement
[15:10] You decline BUILDERS BREWERY - DOCKSIDE CLASSES, Builders Brewery from A group member named Eleanora Newell.
[15:10] Chad Sawson: yepper
[15:10] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): yeah
[15:10] Béa (bea.woodget): a url for the stream please?
[15:10] Nita Charron:
[15:12] BeeJee Boucher: :)
[15:12] Chad Sawson: :-)
[15:13] Chad Sawson: :-)

Quirky Torok speaking on stream with moonlight sonata in the background.

[15:13] Chad Sawson: Thank you Q...
[15:14] Chad Sawson: And the last in the friends group is a recording from Mr. Patrick Leavitt, the other co-owner of Sailors Cove Estates aand founder of Fishers Island Yacht Club.
[15:14] Now playing: Marcel Memorial from Patrick - Beethoven / Piano Sonata No 14 in C# Minor 'Moonlight' - 1st Movement

Patrick speaking on stream.

[15:15] Nita Charron: talk into the mic please
[15:15] Nita Charron: thank you :)

Patrick sang and played Amazing Grace on guitar.

[15:16] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): *sniff
[15:16] BeeJee Boucher: soo cool
[15:16] Béa (bea.woodget): :(
[15:16] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): Lovely ... thank him for me please Fanci
[15:17] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): I will Pippa
[15:17] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): I think after this Chad ought to do his texan dance
[15:17] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): ;)
[15:17] BeeJee Boucher: lol
[15:17] Nita Charron sings along.... amazing grace, unending love, amazing grace
[15:17] Chad Sawson: hahahaha
[15:17] David Wetherby: :))
[15:17] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta) sniffles
[15:17] Chad Sawson: Thank you Patrick!
[15:17] Now playing: 04 At Daybreak by Siegfried Sassoon - Barber_ Adagio

Pippa speaks. This link is curtosy of Gemma Vuckovic and will take you to a YouTube of Pippas Eulogy

[15:19] Chad Sawson shouts: Mrs. Pippa Rexen Emmons has provided a recording from Epi's real life eulogy.

Pippa speaks eloquently, lovingly.

i carry your heart poem by ee cummings, pippa reads

i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

[15:18] Now playing: MARCEL EULOGY from Pippa - Barber_ Adagio
[15:19] Chad Sawson shouts: Mrs. Pippa Rexen Emmons has provided a recording from Epi's real life eulogy.
[15:21] Chad Sawson: :-)
[15:28] Now playing: Al Green - How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

[15:29] BeeJee Boucher: xxx pips
[15:29] BeeJee Boucher: beautiful words
[15:29] David Wetherby: XX Pippa
[15:29] Liv Leigh: xoxoxo hugs
[15:29] Nita Charron gives all her hugs to pippa
[15:29] Keth Mommsen: {{{hugs}} Pippa
[15:29] Allie Tomsen: That was so beautiful, Pippa
[15:29] Roan Blackburn: hugs Pippa
[15:29] Aislin Keynes hugs Pippa
[15:29] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): thank you's very emotional for me to hear that again
[15:29] Clay Ellison: us too
[15:29] Clay Ellison: lol
[15:29] Béa (bea.woodget): hugs Pippa
[15:29] Icabod Jonesford: Well done. That was beautiful Pippa
[15:30] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): the music after was Missing You and not this but this will suffice :)
[15:30] Clay Ellison: not a dry eye in the place
[15:30] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): Lovely Pippa.. hugsss
[15:30] Roan Blackburn: nope
[15:31] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta)'s mascara is messed up
[15:31] -Q- (quirky.torok): mine too
[15:31] BeeJee Boucher: it was soo moohving
[15:32] Clay Ellison: ㋡ lol bee
[15:32] Surfwidow Beaumont: we mustnt cowtown to the stress
[15:32] Allie Tomsen: No words...
[15:32] Allie Tomsen: too moved to speak
[15:32] Auntie Gemma (gemma.vuckovic): me too Allie
[15:32] Surfwidow Beaumont: yup i am so worn out
[15:32] Now playing: 01 Missing You - How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
[15:32] Charlz Price: WOOOOOT!!!!
[15:33] Surfwidow Beaumont: very tough going all this
[15:33] Allie Tomsen: raise
[15:33] Allie Tomsen: raise
[15:33] Chad Sawson: Texas sized tears over here
[15:33] Roan Blackburn: He brought us together today!
[15:33] Clay Ellison: ditto
[15:33] Surfwidow Beaumont: Pippas Eulogy - was just heartbreaking and joyful at the same time
[15:33] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): I want to keep that. All of us togethr.
[15:34] Surfwidow Beaumont: spoken with comviction and love
[15:34] Surfwidow Beaumont: conviction*
[15:34] Allie Tomsen: We always are, i think
[15:34] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): The trouble is that most of us never get to know how much we are loved [until after we die].... go and give someone a hug after this and tell them you love them. I miss saying that to Marcel and hearing him tell me that.
[15:34] Bittersweet Lime: that's it - it was honest and that was to hear, from deep down her heart
[15:34] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): Love...being in's the greatest gift of them all.
[15:34] BeeJee Boucher: :)
[15:35] BeeJee Boucher: i was not in love with epi though
[15:35] Chad Sawson rolls his eyes... lol
[15:35] Jane Fossett: yes you were, Beej
[15:35] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): swats BJ
[15:35] BeeJee Boucher: lol
[15:35] Liv Leigh: hmm yes, but i still think it is brave you so decidedly followed love
[15:35] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta) hands Q a hankie[15:36] Now playing: 01 Requiem_ I. Requiem & Kyrie - How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
[15:36] Now playing: Various - Beethoven / Symphony No.6 in F major 'Pastoral' - 1st Movement
[15:36] BeeJee Boucher: :)) i just thought of a irish bar we went ones
[15:36] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): That was never a hard decision for me
[15:36] Chad Sawson shouts: Please help me applaude our dear friend Pippa! Thank you Pippa our hearts are with you too! :-)
[15:36] Liv Leigh: Applause!!
[15:36] Charlz Price: WOOOOOT!!!!
[15:36] Chad Sawson APPLAUDS!!!
[15:36] Miss Rhea (rhea.riel): `*.¸.*´ APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´
[15:36] Silber Sands: WHOOOOOT!!
[15:36] Chad Sawson: Applause!!
[15:36] Chad Sawson APPLAUDS!!!
[15:36] Indigo Mertel: Applause!!!
[15:36] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): Ahoy there !
[15:36] Icabod Jonesford: WOOOOt Pippa
[15:36] Francois Jacques: woot Pippa
[15:36] jeremia Spotter: WHOOOOOT!!
[15:36] Jane Fossett: WOOOOOT!!!!
[15:36] Clay Ellison: \o/
[15:36] Clay Ellison: || Yaaaaaaaay n Stuff!!!!!
[15:36] Clay Ellison: / \
[15:36] Indigo Mertel: Applause!!!
[15:36] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): *·
[15:36] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): ...· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
[15:36] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
[15:36] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): ¸.·´ .·´¨¨)) .· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
[15:36] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:-
[15:36] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): -:¦:- (( Applause! )) -:¦:-
[15:36] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
[15:36] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): ( (¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:-
[15:36] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): -:¦:- ((
[15:36] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): .*
[15:36] ChippyAnn Stormcrow (chippyann.kamm): *:• •:*¨¨*:•.-:¦:- -:¦:-.•:*¨¨*:• CLAPPY HANDS *:• •:*¨¨*:•.-:¦:- -:¦:-.•:*¨¨*:•
[15:36] joepie Korobase: beautiful!!
[15:36] Mothgirl Dibou: Applause!!
[15:36] Miss Rhea (rhea.riel): `*.¸.*´ APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´
[15:36] -Q- (quirky.torok): ♫~♪~♥~♪~♫~~APPLE SAUCE~~♫~♪~♥~♪~♫
[15:36] Charlz Price: WOOOOOT!!!!
[15:36] Rikk Lovell applauds loudly!
[15:36] Allie Tomsen: woot!
[15:36] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): thank you to everyone... I feel your love
[15:36] David Wetherby: Thank you Pippa
[15:36] Miss Rhea (rhea.riel): `*.¸.*´ APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´
[15:36] BennyThe Boozehound: ap
[15:36] Nita Charron APPLAUDS!!!
[15:36] Fiona Haworth: WOOOOOT!!!!
[15:36] Mothgirl Dibou: Applause!!
[15:36] Bunnie Mills: yaaaaay Pippa !!
[15:36] BennyThe Boozehound: Applesauce!!
[15:36] DBDigital Epsilon: Clap Clap Clap
[15:36] RoDen Kilian: Applause
[15:36] Keth Mommsen: ♪♪♪♪♫♫♫♫ APPLAUSE ♫♫♫♫♫ ♪♪♪♪♪
[15:36] Keth Mommsen: ♪♪♪♪♫♫♫♫ APPLAUSE ♫♫♫♫♫ ♪♪♪♪♪
[15:36] Keth Mommsen: ♪♪♪♪♫♫♫♫ APPLAUSE ♫♫♫♫♫ ♪♪♪♪♪
[15:36] Francois Jacques: great Courage!
[15:36] Charlz Price: WOOOOOT!!!!
[15:37] Roan Blackburn shouts: woot PIPPA!
[15:37] Chad Sawson: The next group to reflect and remember are representatives from the Yacht Clubs Epi was closely engaged with...
[15:37] Béa (bea.woodget): Bravo Pippa, courage
[15:37] Chad Sawson: As Co-Commodore of Starboards Yacht Club I would like to honor Commodore Emmons by reading the
The Lord is my pilot, I shall not go adrift;
He lighteth my passage across dark channels;
He steersmen me through the deep waters,
He keepeth my log.
He guideth me by the evening star for my safety's sake.
Yea, though I sail mid the thunders and tempests of life,
I shall fear no peril, for Thou art with me,
Thy stars and heavens, they comfort me.
The vastness of thy sea upholds me.
Surely fair winds and safe harbors shall be found
All the days of my life;
And I shall moor, fast and secure, forever.
[15:38] Chad Sawson: Starboards Yacht Club and it's membership salutes you Epi!
[15:38] Chad Sawson: Fair Winds Friend!
[15:39] Chad Sawson: Next is Commodore Francois Jacques with Nantucket Yacht Club... Fran, your podium...
[15:39] Chad Sawson: Sis we lose Fran?
[15:39] Chad Sawson: Did*
[15:40] BeeJee Boucher: she is alive
[15:40] BeeJee Boucher: alive
[15:40] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): there she is
[15:40] Chad Sawson: woot
[15:40] Francois Jacques: Thank you Fancik for inviting NYC to share a few brief words.
[15:40] Francois Jacques: P
Ippa, your Eulogy can words to the mystery of love. Thank you for the courage to share that testament of love.
[15:41] Francois Jacques: I first met Epi inlate 2007. He appeared sailing a Tako knock off which he had made. "So what do you do here? And how can I become involved?" he asked.
[15:41] Francois Jacques: His enthusiasm, wit, intelligence, and fun loving was evident from the start. Within a short while Epi agreed to be an RD - he ran races well, and his races were popular.
[15:41] Francois Jacques: NYC had the pleasure of having him live with us for a short while - and the strength of his commitment to the sailing community - and his gifts as an event planner, RD, Boat Maker and fun-loving enthusiast bloomed over the next months. " I am all about fun. Actualy fun is my middle name.!" he said.
[15:42] Francois Jacques: Shortly thereafter, on April 18, 2008, as Jane said, Epi was crowned Commodore of FIYC, "and the rest was history."
[15:42] Francois Jacques: Robert Frost wrote a poem that applies to Epi's untimely death, "Nothing Gold Can Stay."
[15:42] Francois Jacques: It was customary of Epic to talk to me from time to time about the power of multi-club SL Sailing efforts. In this spirit we named our first omni-club center in the Fudo Region after him.
[15:43] Francois Jacques: The "Epi Center" is intended to be a sailing resource center with information about sailing, yacht clubs, and SL sail boats. Epi was a shining exemplar of the fun and smart spirit that is this sailing community. His inspiration lives on in us.
[15:43] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): hear hear
[15:43] Francois Jacques: We miss you, Epic Fair winds
[15:44] Chad Sawson: Thank you Commodore.. :-)
[15:44] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): That's wonderful Francois
[15:44] Chad Sawson: Commodore Jeremia Spotter will speak on behalf of the Schiffsratten Yacht Club... Commodore Spotter?
[15:44] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): eoi center...a play on words
[15:44] BeeJee Boucher: now i realy need to learn to sail in the new center
[15:44] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): :)
[15:44] jeremia Spotter: thanx chad but im no Commodore :))
[15:44] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): epi*
[15:44] Silber Sands: smile;)
[15:44] Chad Sawson: lol
[15:44] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): I would love to see it some time
[15:44] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): erster vorsitzender?+
[15:45] jeremia Spotter: hehe
[15:45] Francois Jacques: call on us anytime. :)
[15:45] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): Epi would be so pleased his german friends are here
[15:45] jeremia Spotter: At first - my deepest regrets to Pippa , his family and friends.
[15:45] jeremia Spotter: I'll take a short trip down memory lane...
So many wonderful memories and pictures come up when I go back to the time, we started our lil yachtclub on Tiga.
[15:45] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): [too I mean]
[15:45] jeremia Spotter: We've got so many help and support from Epi in organizing and handling regattas and racelines and anything else -
or were only talking about this and that, hanging out on the docks.
[15:46] jeremia Spotter: I remember very clear, how glad Epi was about the launch of “his” Skutsje, these proud Dutch barge, which although became a leading actor of Mark and Nber’s spectacular Sail On-videos...
[15:46] jeremia Spotter: and I remember how much enjoyed he was when the Schiffsratten threw the first Beta-Shelly’s in the waters of Sailors Cove
[15:46] Chad Sawson: :-)
[15:47] jeremia Spotter: ... if I remember right... Plum Gut was full and at the end we crashed the sim :))
[15:47] jeremia Spotter: sorry for that Fanci
[15:47] Jane Fossett: yes!
[15:47] BeeJee Boucher: that howits done
[15:47] Liv Leigh: that's a measure for success in sl ;)
[15:47] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): lol.. its ok its duct taped and holding
[15:47] Chad Sawson: lol
[15:48] jeremia Spotter: we loved him , and I think he did love the rats too :)
[15:48] jeremia Spotter: So long Epi - Doeg doeg! - Mach’s gut...
[15:48] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): Yes he did
[15:48] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): He always wanted to include you guys in with things he organised
[15:48] jeremia Spotter: and Fair Winds - wherever you sail now.
[15:48] jeremia Spotter: the fleet will follow ...
[15:49] Now playing: The Beach Boys - Sail On, Sailor
[15:49] jeremia Spotter: thanks
[15:49] Chad Sawson: Thank you Jeremia! :-)
[15:49] Roan Blackburn: very touching Jere
[15:49] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta) sniffles again
[15:49] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko) passes Orca a hankie
[15:49] Chad Sawson: Commodore Kentrock Messmer with Fishers Island Yacht Club will speak next. Commodore Messmer, your podium sir! :-)
[15:49] BeeJee Boucher: throws orca a blanky
[15:50] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): thx Chakku
[15:50] Kentrock Messmer: Thanks Chad
[15:50] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): welkies Orca
[15:50] Kentrock Messmer: What can I say about Epi that has not already been said?
[15:50] Kentrock Messmer: I will try.
[15:51] Kentrock Messmer: Epi was a man that saw what could be done and did it.
[15:51] Kentrock Messmer: When Patrick and Fanci started this Yacht Club, back in the day when there were few people with the land and the vision to give SL sailing a go, Epi's leadership qualities were instrumental in helping to build this yacht club.
[15:52] Kentrock Messmer: As FIYC Commodore he set the standard of what a great Commodore should be.
[15:52] Now playing: Sinead O'Conner - Nothing Compares 2 U
[15:52] Kentrock Messmer: He was an innovator, he was an organizer, he was a teacher, he was a mentor, and beyond all he always kept things fun.
[15:52] Kentrock Messmer: This Clubhouse has his dream.
[15:53] Kentrock Messmer: I wish he could see how much his dream has grown.
[15:53] Kentrock Messmer: I think he would be happier than he normally was.
[15:54] Kentrock Messmer: We will always remember our first Commodore and do our best to run this Yacht Club as Epi would.
[15:54] Kentrock Messmer: Fair winds and following seas my friend.
[15:54] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): thank you Kent
[15:55] Kentrock Messmer: :) Pippa
[15:55] Chad Sawson: I am so glad that I havnt crashed so foar
[15:55] Chad Sawson: lol
[15:55] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): :-)
[15:55] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): to cute to crash
[15:55] Nita Charron: jinxed just now
[15:56] Roan Blackburn: it's the hat
[15:56] Chad Sawson: Fishers Island Yacht Club will now honor Commodore Emmons! Fanci & Kent, your podium...
[15:56] Now playing: 05 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Nothing Compares 2 U
[15:57] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): In light of Epis dedicated Service to Fishers Island Yacht Club it is only fitting that he be promoted to the Rank of Admiral.
[15:57] Surfwidow Beaumont: Bravo! -- Cheers! - Applause!
[15:57] BeeJee Boucher: hear hear
[15:57] Surfwidow Beaumont: WOOT!, WOOT!, WOOOT!!!
[15:57] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): *·
[15:57] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): ...· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
[15:57] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
[15:57] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): ¸.·´ .·´¨¨)) .· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
[15:57] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:-
[15:57] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): -:¦:- (( Applause! )) -:¦:-
[15:57] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
[15:57] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): ( (¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:-
[15:57] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): -:¦:- ((
[15:57] Chakku Niosaki (chakku451.rieko): .*
[15:57] Francois Jacques shouts: woot Epic
[15:57] Jane Fossett: WOOOOOT!!!!
[15:57] ChippyAnn Stormcrow (chippyann.kamm): ▶ ▷ Cℓαρ ♬ Cℓαρ ◀ ◁
[15:57] ChippyAnn Stormcrow (chippyann.kamm): ★★♪✰〄✰♪★★ Aρρʟαυѕᴇ Aρρʟαυѕᴇ ★★♪✰〄✰♪★★
[15:57] ChippyAnn Stormcrow (chippyann.kamm): ▶ ▷ Cℓαρ ♬ Cℓαρ ◀ ◁
[15:57] яσωαη (rowan.aurbierre): Applause!!! Woot!
[15:57] Silber Sands: WHOOOOOT!!
[15:57] Charlz Price: WOOOOOT!!!!
[15:57] Fiona Haworth: WOOOOOT!!!!
[15:57] Clay Ellison: \o/
[15:57] Clay Ellison: || Yaaaaaaaay n Stuff!!!!!
[15:57] Clay Ellison: / \
[15:57] Miss Rhea (rhea.riel): `*.¸.*´ APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´
[15:57] jeremia Spotter: WHOOOOOT!!
[15:57] Aislin Keynes: applause
[15:57] Surfwidow Beaumont: WOOOOOT!!!
[15:57] Roan Blackburn: woot!!
[15:57] Indigo Mertel: Applause!!!
[15:57] David Wetherby: Hear Hear
[15:57] Liv Leigh: WOOOOOT!!!!
[15:57] RoDen Kilian: Applause
[15:57] -Q- (quirky.torok): quite right.
[15:57] Charlz Price: WOOOOOT!!!!
[15:57] KIMBO (yevgeny.varthader): W W
[15:57] KIMBO (yevgeny.varthader): O O
[15:57] KIMBO (yevgeny.varthader): O O
[15:57] KIMBO (yevgeny.varthader): T T
[15:57] KIMBO (yevgeny.varthader): /woot
[15:57] Indigo Mertel: Applause!!!
[15:57] BennyThe Boozehound: Applesauce!!
[15:57] Charlz Price: WOOOOOT!!!!
[15:58] Roan Blackburn: WOOOOOT!!!
[15:58] Kentrock Messmer: Pippa please accept Epis Admiral Flag as a token of his exemplary service to Fishers Island Yacht Club
[15:58] Surfwidow Beaumont: Bravo! -- Cheers! - Applause!
[15:58] KIMBO (yevgeny.varthader): W W
[15:58] KIMBO (yevgeny.varthader): O O
[15:58] KIMBO (yevgeny.varthader): O O
[15:58] KIMBO (yevgeny.varthader): T T
[15:58] KIMBO (yevgeny.varthader): /woot
[15:58] BeeJee Boucher: Ahoy there !
[15:58] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): WOOT! WOOT! WOOT!
[15:58] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): At this time let me present Epis portrait to hang in a place of honor in Fishers Island Clubhouse
[15:58] Fanci Beebe-Leavitt (fanci.beebe): Chad....
[15:58] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): Thank you so much on his behalf
[15:58] Chad Sawson: Thank you!
[15:59] Charlz Price: WOOOOOT!!!!
[15:59] Chad Sawson: The Second Life Coast Guard wishes to bestow full military honors to Commodore Emmons. Please welcome Vice Commandant of the SL Coast Guard, Vice Admiral Tig Spijkers!
[15:59] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): The sialing community and this club meant so much to him
[15:59] Pippa Emmons (pippa.rexen): sailing*
[16:00] Chad Sawson: Tig? lol
[16:00] Chad Sawson: there ya go
[16:00] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): can't move
[16:00] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): :-)
[16:01] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow sailors,
[16:01] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): Tig isn't moved?
[16:01] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): On the deck behind you is where Epi would sit and invite his friends and race directors to talk about sailing, race courses and whatever was on his mind.
[16:01] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): This is where he conducted his business and here at Sailors Cove was one of his favorite places in this virtual world.
[16:01] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): We first met during a race event with the Schiffsratten Yacht Club at Plum Gut, I had a coast guard cutter out and was helping during one of their events.
Quickly we became friends with many common interests, and he invited me to the Fishers Island Yacht Club as one of his race directors.
[16:01] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): Epi was an exceptional man, with a vision you will not find often in Second Life or Real Life.
[16:02] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): Here in second life everything is fictional, virtual, a role play.
[16:02] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): Epi was different, Epi made a difference, he was a man that brought order and meaning in this world of chaos.
[16:02] Now playing: Various - Schubert / Ave Maria
[16:02] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): Epi was a pioneer in this brave new world and brought us the values and ethics of real life, melting with our new virtual life as one.
[16:02] Chad Sawson: bravo
[16:02] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): Epi was a man that helped build a community that now stands here to say thank you and farewell.
[16:02] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): Let us thank Epi for the work he did and continue his legacy.
[16:02] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): Thank You Epi
[16:02] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): There is a term the Coast Guard uses to describe those that have passed on.
It is called “Crossing the Bar”.
[16:03] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): In the poem “Crossing the Bar” by Alfred Lord Tennyson, he uses the metaphor of a sand bar to describe the barrier between life and death. A sandbar is a ridge of sand built up by currents along a shore. In order to reach the shore, the waves must crash against the sandbar, creating a sound that Tennyson describes as the “moaning of the bar.”
We must cross this treacherous sandbar to reach the safety of the harbor and as in his poem hope to face our pilot.
[16:03] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): “Crossing the Bar”
by Alfred Lord Tennyson.
Sunset and evening star
And one clear call for me!
And may there be no moaning of the bar,
When I put out to sea,
But such a tide as moving seems asleep,
Too full for sound and foam,
When that which drew from out the boundless deep
Turns again home.
Twilight and evening bell,
And after that the dark!
And may there be no sadness of farewell,
When I embark;
For though from out our bourne of Time and Place
The flood may bear me far,
I hope to see my Pilot face to face
When I have crossed the bar.

[16:04] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): :-)
[16:04] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): Before I stand down and hand the deck back to Chad, the SL Coast Guard will perform a Full Military Honor Salute for Epi with a flying salute through Schooners Run behind you.
[16:04] Surfwidow Beaumont shouts: Feel free to retun the flower dispensers tomorrow guys
[16:04] Surfwidow Beaumont shouts: return*
[16:05] Chad Sawson shouts: Missing Man Formation
[16:06] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta) can't see a thing
[16:06] Chad Sawson: Up behind the clubhouse
[16:06] Drill Commander shouts: Attention!
[16:06] Drill Commander shouts: Order Arms!
[16:06] KIMBO (yevgeny.varthader) cant see a thing
[16:06] Drill Commander shouts: Right Face!
[16:06] Drill Commander shouts: Ready!
[16:06] Drill Commander shouts: Aim!
[16:06] Orca Breen-Flotta (orca.flotta): my DD doesn't reach far enough
[16:06] Drill Commander shouts: Fire!
[16:06] Drill Commander shouts: Ready!
[16:06] Drill Commander shouts: Aim!
[16:06] Drill Commander shouts: Fire!
[16:06] Drill Commander shouts: Ready!
[16:06] Drill Commander shouts: Aim!
[16:07] Drill Commander shouts: Fire!
[16:07] Drill Commander shouts: Order Arms!
[16:07] Drill Commander shouts: Left Face
[16:07] Drill Commander shouts: Present Arms!
[16:07] Tig Laxness (tig.spijkers): SEMPER PARATUS
[16:07] Chad Sawson: Thank you Admiral Spijkers!
[16:07] Now playing: Compilation - Elgar / Serenade in E minor - 2nd movement
[16:07] Chad Sawson: This concludes the formal portion of the memorial...